Online risk management system employs Integrated Lost Time Solutions approach to bring together Management, Employees and Health Care Professionals.

PORTLAND, Oregon—July 23, 2008—Vigillo LLC, provider of the trucking industry’s first online risk management monitoring and reporting system, today announced that it has entered into an alliance with Howell & Associates, LLC to offer fleets a program that will provide a proven approach to reduce the number of employees off work and minimize the number of people on transitional duty. To be distributed exclusively to trucking companies on the Vigillo platform, the new service will help to significantly reduce and control workers’ compensation costs by effectively connecting and managing health care professionals, employees and managers through Vigillo’s web- based risk management system.

“The partnership we have formed with Howell & Associates is another important step in Vigillo’s Embedded Services strategy,” said Steven G. Bryan, CEO. “Vigillo and Howell & Associates have collaborated to develop a program that informs, monitors and reports, all critical issues surrounding workers’ compensation, with a strong focus on minimizing lost time The combination of Howell & Associates proven program, coupled with Vigillo’s ‘always there, always on, always watching’ risk management platform will enable our customers to proactively manage and actively measure a best in class return to work process”

Under the new alliance, Howell & Associates will provide Vigillo customers with its highly effective Integrated Lost Time Solutions approach that connects and aligns health care professionals, employees and management. The proven program addresses each client’s unique culture, provides training for managers and supervisors, and generates financial as well as cultural outcomes that result in significant reductions in incurred loss costs.

“Our Integrated Lost Time Solutions program is designed specifically to help transportation companies reduce and control workers’ compensation costs by improving
the relationship between the managers and employees, which we know to be the key factor in minimizing lost time,” said Robert D. Howell. “By changing a manager’s perspective about workers’ compensation and teaching the importance of establishing better relationships with lost time employees, in just a few hours of training we offer a more effective approach to handling workers’ comp and lost time issues. Our program, coupled with Vigillo’s ability to automate forms and processes, accurately measure lost time and track results, will add significant value to our customers’ operations and lead to measurable cost savings.”

The Vigillo web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) application organizes and monitors the policies, training, assessments and reports needed to prepare for and respond to the risks associated with motor carrier operations. The solution enables managers to better prepare and respond to the many high-risk situations encountered when operating truck fleets. Benefits of adopting the system include the potential for fewer reportable incidents, lower costs through management time savings, improved employee productivity and reduced turnover, and lower insurance costs.

Howell & Associates, LLC
Established in 2004, Howell & Associates is focused on giving transportation companies the most effective method of minimizing lost time in the industry. The program has successfully been implemented in all types of fleets with almost immediate measurable cost savings and cultural improvements in their organizations Our team consists of project managers and professional trainers who have considerable experience working with companies in the transportation industry

About Vigillo LLC
Founded in 2007 with the vision to provide a comprehensive, state-of-the-art, web-based Risk Management system for firms who operate trucking fleets, Vigillo delivers the industry’s first monitoring and tracking system customized to meet the business compliance needs of any size company. The Vigillo Team consists of legal, safety, HR, operations, management and technology experts and a senior management team with over 40 years combined experience in delivering enterprise software to solve a variety of corporate and educational management problems. For information, visit

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