Latest features provide trucking companies with a more in-depth look at safety data and a means to lowering risk and costs

Portland, Oregon—March 30, 2010—Vigillo LLC, creators of data mining software products designed to aggregate, organize and deliver complex fleet safety information in an easy-to-read scorecard format, today announced two additional scorecards as part of its CSA 2010 product offering. The new Inspection Root Cause and Map Scorecards bring another layer of reporting clarity significantly enhancing a motor carrier’s ability to use CSA 2010 (Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010) data to analyze and lower risk and help improve highway safety.“With our new scorecards we are adding value to our CSA 2010 product line by helping our customers proactively find solutions to areas of risk and lower costs associated with safety violations,” said Steven G. Bryan, CEO of Vigillo. “We were the first company to offer a true ability to take a motor carrier’s existing safety data and show what it will look like when CSA 2010 goes into effect this summer. Now, we are enabling fleets to stay further ahead of the curve.”The purpose of the Vigillo Inspection Root Cause Scorecard is to identify drivers whose behavior is leading to unnecessary inspections. “The story that the root cause scorecard tells safety professionals is that much of the CSA 2010 points and their associated costs are largely the result of driver controllable behavior,” continued Bryan.The Inspection Root Cause and Map Scorecards are the result of the cutting edge ways that the Vigillo team continues to extract fleet safety information from data sources and report that information in a way that matters. “Data is organized, designed and presented in a clear graphical way” Bryan says, “The benefit of the Inspection Root Cause and Map scorecards is that wisdom about your fleet safety comes at a glance.”Vigillo’s analysis of CSA 2010 data on more than 400,000 drivers and over 1000 carriers shows that a majority of violations are caused by things drivers can control, such as speeding and observable defects, including problems with lights, tires and cargo securement. The new Root Cause Scorecard from Vigillo, by ranking drivers based on the seven Behavioral Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories (BASICs) under CSA 2010, pinpoints areas that carriers need to address with drivers to lower risk and costs. A root cause timeline in the scorecard indicates areas that are improving and if these efforts are on target.

The Vigillo CSA 2010 Map Scorecard takes CSA 2010 data for all 7 BASICS and puts them on a color-coded map by state. The more comprehensive CSA 2010 enforcement and compliance model includes seven BASICs covering Unsafe Driving, Fatigued Driving, Driver Fitness, Controlled Substance, Vehicle Maintenance, Improper Loading and Crash Indicator. This newest level of CSA 2010 reporting gives companies the ability to make changes that significantly impact safety across entire fleets exactly when, where and by whom those violations are occurring.

“Whether it’s working with mangers in states that are showing higher risk in individual safety data categories or with drivers to address specific areas needing improvement,” Bryan said, “the goal of our new Inspection Root Cause and Map scorecards is the same. With this data, presented in a way that is clear and can be used to find solutions, risks are mitigated, costs are lowered and everybody is more attentive to safety.”

Vigillo CSA 2010 scorecards provide trucking companies with a valuable way to look at the fleet safety data as they prepare for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) new CSA 2010 (Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010) initiative, which replaces FMCSA’s existing SafeStat program this summer.

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Founded in 2007 by a team of statisticians and nimble software engineers with a talent for deciphering complex information and delivering it in an at-a-glace scorecard format, Vigillo specializes in taking copious amounts of data and turning it into factually reliable and usable information. Leading the industry in trend-setting concepts for fleet safety and business compliance issues for the U.S. commercial transportation industry, Vigillo’s CSA 2010 Scorecard is the most widely used CSA 2010 reporting system in the industry today. Operating on the philosophy of “if you can measure it, you can manage it,” Vigillo presents data in such a way that companies can quickly and clearly understand and address their most critical safety and compliance issues. For more information on Portland, Oregon-based Vigillo, visit

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