Well, that lasted about as long as a Liz Taylor marriage. Peer Groups are out of CSA 2010. Say hello to your new “Safety Event Group”.

The newly revised methodology for CSA turns the fun meter up to “11” and dramatically affects carrier scores in all directions. The inclusion of vehicle miles traveled into the crash & unsafe driving BASIC algorithms render any discussion of peer groups based upon fleet size a waste of energy.

Based on the BASIC measures, the CSMS applies data sufficiency standards and safety event grouping to assign a percentile rank to carriers that can then potentially receive a CSA 2010 intervention or detrimental SFD. The calculation is as follows:

A. Determine the carrier‘s segment:

Combo – combination trucks/motor coach buses constituting 70% or more of the total PU.

Straight – straight trucks/other vehicles constituting more than 30% of the total PU.

B. Determine the total number of inspections with at least one BASIC violation and remove carriers with less than three such inspections. For the remaining carriers, place each carrier into one of five groups based on the carrier segment and the number of inspections with an Unsafe Driving violation.

C. Within each group, rank all the carriers‘ BASIC measures in ascending order. Transform the ranked values into percentiles from 0 (representing the lowest BASIC measure) to 100 (representing the highest BASIC measure). Eliminate carriers whose violations in the BASIC are all older than twelve months. Carriers that remain retain the previously calculated percentile.

Get it? Excellent! Because there will be more……much more.

The latest iteration of Vigillo’s aggregate statistics are about ready and we’re going to be posting some very interesting “before and after” data resulting from the revised methodology. For those unfamiliar, Vigillo publishes aggregate CSA data using our existing customer base of 1800 fleets, and 600,000 drivers. This is real CSA data – not guess work. As of now, any reference to a peer group based upon number of vehicles can safely be ignored.

I have to sign off for now. I’m late for a wedding.