How are carriers feeling about the new CSA changes?  Len Dunman of Mercer Transportation, a Vigillo customer, posted a great overview of how the new CSA changes are affecting his company and his drivers at the Mercertown Blog.  I particularly like the end of Len’s post:

“…I know that a number of our drivers are feeling totally overwhelmed by the whole process. Basically, to survive in Mercer’s fleet remember four things: 1) Tire and brake condition must be legal, including adjustment, at all times; 2) Log legal, no excuses; 3) Don’t speed, ever; 4) Secure the load properly with more than enough securement and protection. No straps with cuts, no missing the extra strap or chain in front, lever binders wired closed. These are the things, as a fleet, we have problems with more than anything else.

If you get those four things right every day, CSA 2010 will not be a problem for you. The laws they are enforcing have always been there. Total, absolute compliance has not. CSA 2010 is designed to shine the spotlight on non-compliant motor carriers and drivers more than ever before. The game has changed.”

Read the entire post here.  Good perspective, Len.  The game has changed.