It’s time to unwrap your Vigillo holiday gift: I am excited to officially announce that the Vigillo Daily Update Scorecard is live today! Vigillo customers now have one easy place to see inspections, violations, and crashes – updated every day.   Daily Updates are now available to all Vigillo customers who have provided FMCSA Compass Portal access.

In addition, we have significantly improved our driver scorecards as well based primarily on customer feedback. Here are the specifics:

NEW!  Daily Update Scorecard

To see the new scorecard, login to your Vigillo site HERE, click the My Reports button, and you will see the new report icon:

Click the new report icon and you will go to the new Daily Update Scorecard (below).  There are three main sections:

  • New Activity Summary which is a a timeline chart of new activities by week
  • New Inspections Tab which shows inspections posted since the last monthly update
  • New Crashes Tab which shows crashes posted since the last monthly update

Notice that violations listed include non-CSA violations so you see ALL violations reported for a specific inspection.  Also, both the driver name and inspection report number are clickable links that allow you to drill down to more detailed information.

While most new activities are posted very soon after the events occur, you may see a “long tail” in the timeline chart where inspections or crashes are not reported to the FMCSA for 6, 9, 12 months or even more!  The FMCSA is actively working on this particular issue of timely state reporting.

IMPROVED! Driver Scorecards with Daily Updates and Other Changes

Driver Scorecards have been significantly revised to take advantage of the new daily update information – and other important changes have been made as well.  Here’s an item-by-item list of all changes:

  • New Methodology. The FMCSA released a December 2010 CSA SMS Methodology, version 2.1.  All Vigillo Scorecards are now computed using this latest methodology.
  • 90% Alert. We have re-labeled a driver BASIC that is over a 90% as a 90% Alert – previously labeled as Driver Intervention Threshold.  Although the FMCSA initially announced a driver intervention threshold as part of CSA, this has since been eliminated.
  • Non-CSA Violations Included in Timeline. Driver scorecards now include non-CSA violations in the Safety Event History timeline:
  • Non-CSA Violations Included in Inspections List. Driver scorecards also include non-CSA violations in the inspections list:

  • Daily Update Information Included. Driver scorecards now list inspection, violation, and crash information updated daily.
  • Carrier / Driver Points Shown Separately. Under CSA, violations have different impact for Carriers (under the Carrier SMS) and for Drivers (under the Driver SMS).  Now you can see the point impact of a violation under both views.
  • Driver Not Responsible Violations Shown. Under the Driver SMS portion of CSA, drivers are not responsible for certain violations.  (Example: Drivers are not responsible for a 393.67(c)(8) violation – improper fuel tank safety vent – under the Vehicle Maintenance BASIC.)  These violations, which are not included in the Driver SMS, are now listed as N/A under the Driver SMS columns.
  • Inspection Root Cause Listed as Unsafe Driving. If an inspection’s root cause is determined by Vigillo to be triggered by an Unsafe Driving violation, the root cause is now listed as “Unsafe Driving.”  Previously, this was listed as “Speeding*”

Login to your Vigillo site HERE to see the changes.  I have already heard from several customers who are very pleased with these changes.  Let me know what you think – leave a comment.  Thanks!