Vigillo is very excited about the rapid-fire release of new products coming in the next couple of months.  We have issued press releases recently announcing Roadside Resume (CSA Scores direct to drivers), Vigillo PSP (Vigillo’s pre-employment screening service), 3P (Carrier analytics under CSA from the perspective of brokers and shippers) and CSAdvantage (A new workflow management system in partnership with ACS/Xerox).  CSA has an impact on carriers, brokers and drivers and Vigillo is once again proud to be the leader in providing state of the art tools to the transportation industry. 

Each of these new offerings requires access to the same roadside inspection data that Vigillo is authorized by its motor carrier customers to use for their CSA Scorecards today.  I’d like to make it very clear that we will not EVER, release a single byte of private customer data to any third party without very clear authorization from the Motor Carrier customer.  Here is a brief synopsis of how data exchange/access will work for each of these new offerings.

Vigillo PSP: By the end of the month (December) Vigillo will release its Pre-Employment Screening Service (PSP) for its customer motor carriers.  This will permit motor carrier customers to query across the employment history of candidate drivers and compile a CSA Scorecard on the driver based on the data we have in the aggregate database of our motor carrier customers WHO HAVE OPTED IN to the service.  Each motor carrier will be required to take overt action to opt in to the PSP service.  Vigillo’s PSP will allow all opted in carriers to query across the combined database of other opted in carriers. If a carrier elects not to opt in (the default), their driver data will not be included in the service, nor will they have access to the PSP service.

Roadside Resume: By the end of the month (December) Vigillo will release Roadside Resume.  Roadside Resume will provide a driver CSA scorecard (based on the DSMS methodology) to any driver who requests it.  This new service is FREE to every CDL holding truck driver operating in the United States.  Roadside Resume will query the drivers history across the combined database of those motor carriers who have opted in to the PSP service described above.  Vigillo will only deliver Roadside Resume driver scorecards to those drivers who exist in the aggregate database of opted in motor carriers.   Each motor carrier will be required to take overt action to opt in to the PSP service, thus enabling its drivers to access their individual Roadside Resume Scorecards.

3P: Early next year, Vigillo will release its new 3P Carrier Analytics Scorecard.  This product is designed to allow brokers and shippers to evaluate large lists of motor carriers under a CSA analysis.  3P customers will be able to set their own thresholds and weights to each of the 7 BASICs in order to select carriers who meet their own internal standards.  It is currently anticipated that the Crash and Cargo BASICs will not be made public by the FMCSA.  Vigillo will only reveal private data to 3P customers if the motor carrier specifically authorizes such release to that specific broker/shipper.  Each 3P customer will request carriers to reveal their BASIC scores (like a friend request on Facebook), and only those carriers who authorize such release will have their private data made visible to the 3P customer. If a carrier chooses not to opt in, only their publicly available scores will be revealed to the 3P customer.

CSAdvantage: Early next year, ACS/Xerox will be releasing its CSAdvantage product.  This product will give carriers the tools they need to direct specific drivers to specific remediation or training based on the actual data provided from Vigillo to ACS.  This product requires the CSA analysis performed by Vigillo in order to define the workflow and send the driver to the specific remediation called for by CSAdvantage.  Every CSAdvantage customer must first be a customer of Vigillo, and the carrier customer must authorize Vigillo to release their data to ACS for use in its workflow management system.  A signed contract (including the release language) must be executed with ACS before Vigillo will release data to ACS for use in its system.

We’re working around the clock to get these new products out to you all very soon.  Stay tuned here for updates and let us know if you have any questions.