Vigillo’s Pre-Employment Screening Program (Vigillo PSP) released to its 2000+ customers.

Last April, the FMCSA released a PSP system that allows motor carriers, with driver consent, to search the FMCSA database for past roadside inspections, violation and crashes.  This system had been mandated by Congress to give carriers visibility into the history of a driver candidate before a hiring decision is made. An FMCSA PSP report shows a listing of violation and crash data, costs $10 for each report plus an annual subscription fee, and does NOT compute CSA scores for the driver candidate.

Today, Vigillo released its version of a PSP, called Vigillo PSP.  The Vigillo PSP searches Vigillo’s aggregate database of those of its 2000+ customers who have expressly opted in to the use of the system.  Vigillo PSP is available at no additional cost to our scorecard subscribers and an unlimited number of PSP reports can be run (as long as driver consent is secured).  Vigillo PSP uses the violation and crash data to calculate CSA scores for the candidate driver in each of the 7 BASIC’s.

Vigillo’s database is not as extensive as the FMCSA.  We can only supply PSP reports for drivers whose data exists in the aggregate Vigillo database.  Vigillo believes that with over 650,000 drivers in the database, we will have very high “hit” rates.  Our plans are to continue to grow the number of motor carriers who participate, and over time, Vigillo PSP will become a robust Industry alternative to the Government system.  We encourage carriers to continue to run FMCSA PSP reports for comparison purposes throughout the beta (test/buildup) phase of Vigillo PSP.

Vigillo has worked very hard to ensure compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and carriers who opt in must agree to abide by certain privacy rules as defined by FCRA including securing driver consent before each report is run.  One requirement of FCRA is to give drivers access to the reports that are being produced. We do this through a new driver portal called RoadsideResume  ( ) which launched this morning as well.  NOTE: FMCSA is not subject to FCRA and does not make PSP reports available at no cost to drivers.

We encourage all of our customers to give Vigillo PSP a try.  If you are not a Vigillo customer, we have a new Affiliate Membership Program that will permit non-subscribers to opt in to Vigillo PSP and run reports at a lower cost than FMCSA.  Please contact .