As we pass the halfway mark of Q1-2011, thought some of you might be interested in a few stats. 

– 117 new motor carriers have joined the Wiser Fleet Movement and have signed up with Vigillo in the first 6 weeks of 2011
654 Vigillo customers have opted in to try the newly released Vigillo PSP, Pre-Employment Screening Program.  These 654 carriers have jointly created an aggregate database of over a quarter-million drivers in just 20 days, whose CSA history can now be reported on for pre-hire purposes, at no additional cost to these 654 carriers. (oops, sorry, another one just in, make it 655)
101,904 Vigillo Carrier & Driver Scorecards have been viewed by our customers in the past 30 days
37,124 Custom Groups have been viewed in the past 30 days (CSA aligned to your organization)
– 138,587 Reports and Scorecards viewed in Trends, Daily Updates, Root Cause, Benchmarks, and Maps
– 1068 VigilloQ’s (DataQ’s challenges) were submitted with 87% being closed by FMCSA having fixed something
Vigillo Customers are 25% less likely to have a CSA Basic Alert than the industry as a whole.  43% of Vigillo customers have at least one BASIC Alert, 57% of the Industry (carriers with sufficient CSA data) have at least on BASIC Alert.

Stay tuned for some exciting new products in the coming weeks and months. Some we have previously announced, some are top secret.