Just before CSA launched last December, the Agency determined that the use of the label “DEFICIENT”, in bright red, as it relates to a motor carrier’s status in one of the seven BASIC’s was too inflammatory and would lead to public alarm and other mischief. It was decided that the term “ALERT” (colored orange instead of red) was less so, and the term ALERT was subsequently attached to over 52,000 carriers who have at least one BASIC over the threshold as determined by the CSA Methodolgy (the recent SMS release shows 52,472 ALERT Carriers).

Today, the Agency announced that it has adopted a new designation for those carriers who are over threshold. (See official announcement)

This symbol is the new designation for carriers over Threshold in a CSA BASIC:

I Googled the term “Alert Symbol” and Google returns the following:

Is this progress?  Is the International symbol for ALERT a less pejorative designator than the word itself?  I have another idea that the Agency may want to consider.

TAFKAP, (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince) adopted an unpronounceable symbol for his name from 1993 – 2000 following a trademark dispute with Warner Brothers over the use of his given name, Prince.  This symbol is also known as Love Symbol #2 and I would like to suggest that it is a favorable alternative.

Come on FMCSA…show us the love.