Another great day in Packer Nation Thursday! While the NFL lockout has us football fans wondering when the season will start, a gleeful night – or blingful night took place in Green Bay WI last night.

Our Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers received their rings in a private team ceremony Thursday.  While everyone can say their team is the best, Green Bay Packer Fans currently can prove it with the Super Bowl XLV Title forever ours.  So for now our joy can again come to the forefront as we wait for the lockout to be settled.  We celebrate as Boston joins this pinnacle of team joy as their Stanley Cup Champion Bruins hoist the Cup!  Nice run!

Who are your Champions?  Who are the best of the best in your world?  [Some military folks come to mind… Navy Seals, Top Gun Pilots, Delta Force, Rangers…thank you all!]

Not all drivers have the opportunity to say they are the Grand Champion or a 1st place driver at my state truck driving championships before moving onto trucking’s own “best of the best” competition, the National Truck Driving Championships. Now though it is easier for to see drivers’ everyday performance.

CSA is the scorecard in trucking now.  While many think of it solely as the carrier scorecard, FMCSA did also introduce the driver safety measurement system.  Granted, it is under lock and key and the agency stepped back from their plans to release the driver scores.  They do exist.  Don’t you want to know how your drivers and those you onboard are doing?  You have options…

Vigillo’s CSA Scorecard allows you to see how your fleet and YOUR DRIVERS are performing.  We have additional options to see how the candidates fall within the best of your best.  Utilize Vigillo’s PSP or  PSP Converter as screening tools before you make final driver selections.  Allow your drivers to pull their own FREE PSP report from our Roadside Resume site.  Plus there’s more!

It is not just your company and drivers scores out there.  What about other companies’ scores out there?  Coming soon you will be able to see amongst your carriers, who is the best of your best.  Our Carrier Select program will allow you to see how carriers match up.  Vigillo’s products allow you to see carriers and drivers on their way to be the best of the best.  We can all use Charles Woodson’s words as we strive to be the best: one mind, one goal, one purpose, and one heart.

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