Breaking news!  In a just published article, reports that the FMCSA is working to make driver safety information public.  From the article:

The agency is seeking increased regulatory authority over drivers via the next highway reauthorization bill, according to a February Government Accountability Office report to Congress on CSA progress.   “If [FMCSA] gains this authority,” the report reads, “the agency plans to make driver safety data public.”

This development appears to underscore the importance of knowing and monitoring individual driver scores under CSA, specifically the DSMS (Driver Safety Measurement System) portion of CSA.  Hiring and retaining professional drivers will be impacted as well in a scenario where these scores are public.  As of this writing, Vigillo is the only place where individual driver percentiles are calculated under DSMS and are made available to drivers, through carrier employers or for free to drivers through Vigillo’s Roadside Resume website.

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