It’s Saturday night in Wisconsin and we cheddar heads are
having the time of our sports lives. Reminisce with me for a moment… Wisconsin Badgers played in the Rose Bowl.  Sure they didn’t end up victorious but still a chance at the roses is quite the achievement.  Then we had the Badger Women’s Hockey Team take the NCAA Frozen 4.  Of course we had we the joy of bringing the Lombardi trophy back home to the smallest market in the League with the community owned Green Bay Packers overtaking the Pittsburgh Steelers (sorry Sloan and the rest of the Steeler die hards) in Super Bowl XLV. Fast forward a few months and our current experience is unfolding.

Last night between all the high school Friday night football games and the opening pre-season game of the Division Champion Milwaukee Admirals which they won (the MKE Ads are the minor league affiliate to the NHL Nashville Predators now with 2nd round playoff experience under their belt) Wisconsinites have tons of watching to do.

Whether it is watching all of the home team contests
directly or paying attention to the competitors that we may see later on, it is a busy weekend.  This aft we started the NLDS with the home field advantage Milwaukee Brewers beating the AZ Diamondbacks.  It is almost too much to keep up on.  Yet we paid attention to the Phillies beating the Cards.

We also can’t forget the mini-mite hockey season that started today.  My son’s first hockey league experience.  Okay outside these bloodlines that might not merit much.  A pretty big deal here though.

Tomorrow we have quite the dilemma in front of us with the World Champion Packers playing the Broncos in the late game starting at 3:15 CT while the Brewers start game 2 at 4:07 CT.  Holy moly! Plus for the NASCAR fans that contest is in action too.

What to watch, what to watch?!

Since I couldn’t get a second television up in the living room we will have to manage another way. Guess we go old school with the radio or perhaps stay in this generation and find one of the events being aired online and move a computer near the TV.  Luckily if we stand in just the right place we can see two tvs at the same time.

Such is life. We’ll ride this awesome sports wave as long we can make it extend it.  In the mean time, we will just keep watching others.  How are you watching others in trucking?  Drivers, are you watching what FMCSA lists on your record with a FREE roadside resume report?  Motor carriers are you watching your data on the scorecards and IMS? What about potential drivers you motor carriers need to see?  Are you checking them out on Vigillo’s PSP or converting the FMCSA’s vendor reports with the Vigillo. PSP converter to aid your driver applicant decisions?  Shippers, brokers, insurance agents, have you signed up for Vigillo’s Carrier Select yet?

Well keep watching. Whether it is watching competitors or potential contenders – in sports or in business.  And let’s all be happy the national attention the land of Cheddar is experiencing currently is on our sports arenas instead of our political arena.