Anyone that has a favorite NFL team this season has stories to tell from this season’s debacle of the officiating from replacement refs.  Either missed calls, made up calls, or complete indecision as shown in this photo from last night’s MNF game.  In case you didn’t hear the breaking news, it came down moments ago (11:43AM CT 9/25/12) that the NFL upheld the touchdown in the Packers Seahawks Game.  Any surprise there?  Not that I am bitter, but really!  The Packers had a rough 1sthalf but with some accurate calls, yes I believe Cheddarland would be a much less devastated place had it not been “Referee Armageddon” (probably my favorite headline).  All you had to do was call the Tate Offensive Pass Interference call that was so obvious… and even if it wasn’t caught on the field, how does box review miss it!

I guess that’s why they are REPLACEMENT REFS!  So last night’s game got me thinking.  The rule book came to mind.  Trucking has our rules we must follow.  Are you evaluating your roadside inspections and when necessary requesting data correction via our DATAQ process.  Hey we have a true means in place for when legitimate cases need to be evaluated.  Not that the NFL didn’t consider changing the play the day after the game was over.

It delves me deeper into the CSA data.  We’ve all heard about the state disparity.  Remember different states have their own hot buttons.  Use your Vigillo Maps to help you focus on state activity.  Or even easier request Vigillo’s State Enforcement Exposure Report or the Top Violations Report.

Did you really look at this picture from last night’s game here?  The 2 officials are standing next to each and call it 2 different ways!  (Hear kumbaya in the background?) Let’s bring different views into CSA.  There’s the actual FMCSA view you see in your scorecards which follows the methodology like it must.  And now there’s the virtual reality.  Vigillo’s Virtual Fleet report shows your CSA data in a different view.    Give us a sub-set of drivers that you want to evaluate and highlight as a more accurate view of your current reality and show your stakeholders the current data is not what it seems.  Think it isn’t Jennings clenching the ball to his chest with both arms while Tate had just one arm on the ball.  Really, I want Russell Wilson, a former UW-Wisconsin Badger to do well in the NFL but not in some virtual reality that is a make up for the Hail Mary against him last season (really, I am not bitter – I did wear the Official Ducks jersey after their defeat of the Badgers!) Get your alternate viewpoint with this helpful report.    And don’t forget to check out the Vigillo exclusive view of your driver fleet in the Daylight Driver Index.  Another reality to consider your drivers with just 1 number!  Talk about seeing things differently.