In this complimentary webinar, join us to learn about Vigillo’s new Daylight Driver Index™ – A Single Score for Drivers.  This new driver scoring system was recently endorsed by the American Trucking Associations.

WHAT Is Daylight Driver Index™?
Vigillo’s proprietary Daylight Driver Index™ (DDI) provides a single number (0-100) that describes an individual driver’s FMCSA record using CSA data – similar to how a credit score is a single number that describes a person’s creditworthiness.  In a world of limited time and resources, DDI allows carriers to appropriately prioritize drivers for review, based on the key factors defined by the FMCSA.  The higher the DDI, the higher the review priority.

WHY Daylight Driver Index™?
Under the FMCSA’s new CSA (Compliance, Safety, and Accountability) program, motor carriers are under the microscope with customers, shippers, brokers, insurers, and others.  Carrier CSA scores are essentially the rolled-up  aggregation of individual drivers’ roadside performance.  Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to score and rank drivers under CSA. The FMCSA already provides a single score that prioritizes motor carriers for review – the ISS score.  Vigillo’s Daylight Driver Index™ is much like an ISS score for individual drivers – allowing carriers to view and prioritize their own drivers for review much as the FMCSA would.  Individual driver scoring is a topic of growing importance in the industry.

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Webinar: Introducing Daylight Driver Index™ – A Single Score for Drivers
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