AtWhatCostSafetyIcon2At What Cost Safety?

Reducing the financial impact of high CSA scores

High CSA scores can have a significant impact for the Safety Director as well as the entire organization.  Both internal and external customers are asking difficult questions about why your CSA scores are elevated and what are you doing about it.  We are seeing significant costs due to high CSA scores due to lost business; lost time in dealing with customer inquiries; and increased insurance costs.  This webinar will cover two specific and cost-effective tools that will provide the Safety Director with immediate, actionable responses for your customers.

This complimentary webinar is expected to run 45-60 minutes with a question and answer session at the end.  Dates and times are below.  Sign up by clicking the “Register” link to the right:

Webinar: At What Cost Safety? 
Reducing the financial impact of high CSA scores

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Wed, March 20 Noon 1pm 2pm 3pm Completed
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