Print ButtonGOOD NEWS for Vigillo customers who would like to print out multiple driver scorecards!

Vigillo has always provided the ability export and print out nearly all of our various scorecards and reports – including robust exports of driver data suitable for pivot tables and other Excel goodness.  But it is now easier than ever to print out all driver scorecards in one batch – at no additional cost.  Introducing Vigillo Batch Printing of Condensed Driver Scorecards!  We’ve condensed our standard driver scorecards to fit more data on the page to allow for less printing and easier delivery.

Vigillo customers who would like batch printing of condensed driver scorecards should do the following:

Get a print-ready PDF of all driver scorecards from Vigillo. Contact Vigillo Support and request a batch PDF of driver scorecards ready to print all at once.  The Vigillo Support team will deliver you a PDF document of your condensed driver scorecards all ready to print.

EXTRA for Driver Data Manager Customers: If you are a Vigillo scorecard customer that uses our Driver Data Manager tools, you have additional options for batch printing condensed driver scorecards: batch print your active drivers, or drivers just from one terminal, etc.  Contact Vigillo Support for more information.