They say the best defense is a good offense and never is this more true than in the ever-changing game of CSA. It’s one thing to know your scores, however, it’s game changing to know exactly what to do to reduce your scores. Here are 5 tips every safety professional should keep in mind when CSA points are on the rise, or frustratingly slow to drop off:

Know exactly what to target in the game of CSA

Know exactly what to target in the game of CSA

  1. Identify your target:  Interestingly, the most frequent violations aren’t necessarily the most damaging to your CSA score. To determine which violations are hurting your score, the violations with most severity weights must also be taken into account.
  2. Create your plan: Analyze your inspections and determine which violations are contributing the most to your CSA score. Then determine how long it will take to get to a comfortable score below threshold. Identify the root cause of these violations and implement training, processes, or changes in policy that will help drive reduction in the target violations.
  3. Communicate to your internal partners:  Get the word out to your drivers, operations and maintenance staff, and rally your efforts around reduction of the target violations.
  4. Keep score: Carefully track the violations and points that will fall off and add on every month. Communicate your progress to all involved. Celebrate success and re-focus on areas that need improvement.
  5. Prepare your response:  Your customers and insurance carriers will want to know what and how you are doing.  Prepare an action plan explaining what you are doing to reduce your scores.

Vigillo’s IQ Lab can equip you with custom reports that will quickly enhance your ability to:

  • identify the top violations that are causing you the most CSA pain;
  • determine exactly which inspections and violations to focus on to bring you below threshold;
  • prepare a report that shows exactly what is being done to reduce your scores.

Contact our IQ Lab expert to determine which report/s you need to put you on the road to reducing your CSA scores today:

Identify your target top violations to focus on Understand your CSA points pipeline

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