CCJ has been doing a series of articles on driver-oriented “games” that companies are putting in place to help increase driver retention, safety, MPG, and more.  Trucking isn’t the first industry to get games into the work place.  Many software companies have dabbled in it (including yours truly- check out our ping pong table!). But also hospitality, law, and education are starting to invest in putting games into their corporate structure to grow retention and attract new employees.   Though for transportation, it seems as though these games are designed to do more than just keep drivers entertained.    Ping Pong

Many are being designed as driver incentive programs: combining fuel metrics, safety data, and other performance data to compare drivers and offer rewards to those performing well.  Others include company announcements and internal messaging in their programs.  I know that we at Vigillo see many of our clients doing similar programs.  Metrics like the Daylight Driver Index allow fleets to easily compare drivers under CSA. Using the Vigillo Driver Essentials Scorecard, fleets have been known to post the DDI of drivers to increase competition between high performers and admonish low performers.  Many have added bonuses tied to good scores.  Even terminal managers/group managers are getting in on the action.  We’ve heard of a few companies using the Vigillo Custom Groups tool to increase competition between locations.

But no matter what numbers you’re looking at with your “games,” you’ll get your team to keep an eye on the numbers.  Figuring out what you want to improve is crucial to the process: CSA, fuel economy, hard braking events, etc.  Just because it’s easy to put into the metric doesn’t mean that it’s helpful.  Find places where you’re looking for the company and drivers to improve.  Bonuses help encourage good behavior.  Though, everyone enjoys a little competition.  Even if winning only gets you bragging rights!