ClockQuarterReaders of this blog are likely aware that new Hours of Service rules went into effect on July 1st of this year.  One specific CSA effect of this change is likely to be a new violation added to the HOS Compliance BASIC when the next monthly snapshot comes out in August 2013.  The specific violation in question is listed under section 395.3 of the relevant federal regulations: § 395.3 Maximum driving time for property-carrying vehicles. 

Here is the specific text of the regulation for the new 30-minute rest break rule:

395.3(a)(3)(ii)  Rest breaks. After June 30, 2013, driving is not permitted if more than 8 hours have passed since the end of the driver’s last off-duty or sleeper-berth period of at least 30 minutes.

An email that Vigillo has received has a DOT representative providing the following guidance:

Subject: Re: Severity Rating – Violating the New 30 minute break

The plan is with the July snapshot released in early August, the violation cite number 395.3(a)(3)(ii) will be used in SMS. The methodology document will be updated along with the release of the results, and it will reflect the severity weight used in SMS. We are currently looking to use 7 for this cite. Thank you.

So, it looks very likely that these new 30-minute rest break violations to have a severity weight of 7 and to show up in CSA scores starting with the next snapshot in August.  Of course, Vigillo will watch these developments closely and will adjust customers’ tools and scorecards accordingly.  We have had some customers report seeing the new 30-minute rest break violations in the wild already.  Other suggestions / notices?