Vigillo’s IQLab has just put the finishing touches on an in-depth study on state by state, and for the first time, county by county analysis of Inspections Violations and Crashes in the US.  This study is available for purchase now – a very revealing study that dives deeply into what enforcements priorities are in the regions you operate.

Steve Bryan, founder and CEO of Vigillo does an overview of the analysis, as well as a quick overview of the Report and its underlying data that is now available to anyone in the industry.  There are two unique new twists to the analysis we did:

1. We have included county by county analysis that is very interesting
2. We compiled Commercial Vehicle Miles by State to normalize enforcement activity by Million Miles traveled by Commercial Vehicles in each of the 48 lower states.

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WEBINAR VIDEO: “We’re Not In Kansas Any More.”

If you are interested in the State Enforcement Disparity Analysis (discussed in the webinar), please contact Vigillo Sales at (503) 688-5100 ext 103 or email us at