Using the FMCSA’s Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) is becoming more and more attractive.  Back when the program first rolled out, the FMCSA caught some flack about the reports costing $10/per report.  Since then, most carriers have adjusted and learned to absorb the cost in their recruiting departments.  Why?  Because it’s leading to better choices in who to hire.  Not only do you get insight into a driver’s history, but you also have peace of mind that you’ve gathered as much information as you could on a driver.  Important in litigation, mitigating liability in the event of a crash is important to everyone.  Even more interesting is the study the FMCSA recently conducted showing that carriers who use the PSP have lower crash rates than those carriers who do not.

That being said, PSP’s can still be difficult to interpret.  Many are just using them to verify that the drivers are being as honest as they can be about crash and employment history.  But what if you could leverage these FMCSA’s PSP’s into CSA data?  The Vigillo’s PSP Converter does just that.  Rather than trying to have your recruiting or safety department try and translate the raw data of the FMCSA’s PSP, convert it in a few simple steps.

Go beyond fact checking and CYA.  Augment the PSP reports and hire not just better drivers but the best.