CitationOne of the longstanding issues with CSA may become a thing of the past.  Specifically, the FMCSA has not previously relied upon the outcome of a driver’s successful challenge to a citation connected with a roadside inspection to change the underlying violation, for CSA purposed.  The FMCSA is now proposing that these adjudicated and overturned citations be relied upon to automatically update the Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS).

In an article on, Sean Garney, the manager of safety policy for the American Trucking Associations, explains the benefit of this proposed change:

“This is something that we as an organization have advocated for since the beginning of CSA.  It’s all about equity in the end, and it makes CSA a better tool in the long run. The accuracy of the data is imperative.”

Read the FMCSA’s official change proposal in the Federal Register here.