LifesaverThis time of year, maybe more so than any other, can be a bit overwhelming for a safety professional.   Some days it can feel like you are drowning in data. You know that with all the information that gets collected at a trucking company, there must be an answer in there somewhere to help reduce crashes, violations, claims and injuries. The problem is figuring out what information is relevant to review, and who the heck has the time to collect, sort and put it into a report that will make sense to those who need to see it?

The IQ Lab here at Vigillo helps customers do just that.  We work with individual customers to help them make the most of all that data they are drowning in.   One of our customers has multiple DOT’s to manage, each with a unique set of problems.   The executive team needs to see how each DOT is doing, all in one report.    Our customer could spend all of his time on just this one report, but he wisely chose to hand it off to us in the IQ Lab.

Another customer wants to see how her carrier stacks up against multiple competitors.   We helped her determine which metrics made the most sense to use, and put it all into a one page report that she can share with her sales team, senior management and insurance company.

Are you getting all you can out of your data?  Vigillo’s IQ Lab is designed and staffed to help customers make sense of their data.   Our services are not limited to only CSA and inspection data; we can help you see the big picture and tell your story with whatever data you collect, even if it is internal.

Whether you need a lifesaver, or just a pair of water wings, call the IQ Lab today at 503-688-5100 ext. 107 for a free, friendly, no-obligation conversation about how we can help manage your data.