The FMCSA just released another in a series of reports from the good people at the Volpe Center.  The report is chock full of data, graphs, charts, footnotes and formulas.  The report, to its credit, also includes independent peer review comments at the end.  These peer review comments, conveniently, do not appear in the table of contents.

I’ll be sure and read the entire report but you might imagine my reaction to one reviewers comments:

Extent to Which the Conclusions Follow the Analysis:
The conclusions are incredibly limited (one paragraph of the entire report). The authors assert that the analyses “provide solid evidence that the CSMS is effectively supporting FMCSA in its mission to reduce crashes, injuries, and fatalities involving large trucks and buses by improving safety and compliance.” I do not see that in this study.

I’ll be sure and read the entire report but I have a feeling the paper I’m using to print the document might be better used to paper my walls.  More posts to follow, I’m sure…..