You know, the fun thing about being me is that I get to make outrageous statements that are utterly improbable but which I back up with facts that are indisputable.  That’s what makes me different from the FMCSA, who makes utterly improbable statements …

The following appears in the IG Report just issued last week.  Just in case you missed it, here is what the FMCSA is promising to do this month:

“Starting March 1, 2014, FMCSA will begin deactivating USDOT numbers for carriers that do not complete their census data updates as required.”

I did some math ( math is dangerous!)

The current census (March 2014) shows that 406,724 of the 814,835 active Interstate Carriers are NOT current on their MCS-150 forms. Those carriers have a total of 1,097,828 power units.  So starting this month, approximately 1.1M trucks (at about 93 feet each) will be put out of service as their DOT’s are deactivated.

That’s about 101,221,000 (100 Million) feet of parked trucks or about 19,322 miles. There are approximately 47,000 miles of interstate Highway in the United States.  So unless somebody out there has a 19,000 mile long parking lot, we got a problem.

Hey you 406,724 carriers, please update your forms! I don’t want to starve.