Now you can attach documents!  You can attach PDFs, Word, Excel, JPGs, etc!


How do I attach a document?

Log into Vigillo and go to your “CSA Manager.”

You can access the document attachment panel while editing in IMS, CMS, Drivers, Vehicles, Inspections, or Crashes item. (You may not see some of the options as they are turned on depending on your subscription levels.)

With a subscription to the Driver Data Manager, the Inspection Manager, or the Crash Manager you have access to the file attachment tools.  With the Driver Data Manager, you’ll be able to attach documents to Drivers.  The Inspection Manager will give you the ability to attach documents to inspections AND vehicles.  The Crash Manager allows you to attach documents to crashes.

Attachment tool

Within the panel you will be able to upload, view, edit, delete and see your overall attachment statistics.

where to attach

Please contact us if you have any questions or need training in document attachment!