Vigillo Rolls Out JUST™

New platform and network of law enforcement officials to address inaccuracies in the CSA scoring system

PORTLAND, OREGON/PHILADELPHIA – October 20, 2015 – Vigillo LLC, creators of the transportation industry’s most advanced big data and data mining software products, today announced at the 2015 ATA Management Conference & Exhibition its new JUST™ platform.

“Vigillo is upending how the industry views CSA and its known flaws by introducing a parallel scoring system, built on the same principles as CSA, that provides a true picture of the compliance, safety and accountability of our nation’s motor carriers”, said Steve Bryan, CEO of Vigillo. No longer willing to sit back and hope for fixes from the FMCSA that are not forthcoming, Vigillo looked to the model of other disruptive technology companies to develop the solution for JUST.

JUST will crowd source a solution to empower the industry to present its safety record accurately. “CSA unduly penalizes carriers, not for their non-compliance, but for the limitations of the CSA scoring system itself. JUST will correct the fundamental flaws of CSA,” continued Bryan.

The strategy is twofold—one, utilize a network of current and former law enforcement officials who will assist in correcting the most talked about flaw, Crash Accountability; and two, fix the math of CSA.

There are four fundamental flaws in CSA that make it unjust and punitive: Crash Preventability, Disparate Enforcement, Safety Event Groups, and Un(der) Inspected Carriers. JUST corrects these flaws and rescores the carrier:


  1. Crash Preventability Currently, all DOT recordable crashes count under CSA, including clearly non-preventable crashes, such as a car running into a parked truck at a rest stop. Via a network of current and former law enforcement officials who will review all submitted crash reports, photographs, and in-cab video, the JUST system will remove clearly non-preventable crashes from the Crash score.
  2. Disparate Enforcement CSA treats every mile — city, country, mountain, winter, or border crossing, as if it is exactly the same. Commercial vehicle law enforcement officials across the country know better and adapt, whereas CSA does not. JUST mathematically adjusts scores to account for state disparity.
  3. Safety Event Groups Under the current system, carriers are not grouped and compared to similar carriers. Additionally, they are not grouped geographically, or by truck type, or line of business. JUST compares like-carriers based on criteria that is accurate, fair and makes sense.
  4. Un(der) Inspected Carriers Under the current system the FMCSA ignores 89% of all motor carriers for purposes of CSA scoring. This huge gap means smaller operations go scoreless in any CSA BASIC category. This results in 678,147 regulated motor carriers flying under the radar of CSA. The remaining 11% of all regulated motor carriers have CSA scores and must compete for business with this invisible “fleet.” JUST finds them and scores them all, leveling the playing field.

This past July, under pressure from the industry, Congress started demanding fixes to fundamental CSA flaws that identify some safe carriers as risky and ignore motor carriers that may pose a safety risk. A bill passed by a Senate Committee called the DRIVE Act details necessary CSA fixes. JUST addresses them all.

“Clearly, the CSA system is broken and the long and unjust wait for a solution by the government has been damaging to the motor carriers that are unfairly scored,” said Bryan. “At Vigillo, we believe that enough is enough so we are going to partner with the industry and fix the problems with CSA.”



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