Well technically, captured as data, and converted to this handy video.  This illustrates the Disparate Enforcement in CSA that we have identified as one of the fundamental flaws in CSA.  This video captures the 56 full months of commercial vehicle inspection activity since CSA launched in January of 2011.

Our law enforcement pro’s know their state’s, counties, roads, bridges and borders.  I’ve met hundreds of these law enforcement professionals in the last 7 years and they know better than anyone in DC what they need to be doing to keep us safe on their highways.

But of course, CSA is a blunt instrument that has no such flexibility.  A mile through the border region of the Southwest is no different to CSA than a mile across Nebraska, or up and down the New Jersey Turnpike.


State Disparity Screen

1. From month #1, the SW border states light up the sky with inspection activity vs the rest of the US.
2. In the first couple frames, keep an eye on Louisiana.  Those are seat belt violations that were driven by a click-it or ticket program that haunted Louisiana’s CSA profile for two years.  Shift your focus to Pennsylvania right after that, another seat belt enforcement initiative in action.
3. Watch the southern counties of Oregon (Northern Cal Border for those of you who don’t know where Oregon is). That’s HOS focus, creates a very high level of HOS violations in my home state.
4. Look at month 45 as apparently the Maine patrol throws up a barrier to the trucks coming in from New Brunswick.

Enter JUST.  We’re rolling out the JUST Scorecard which includes our solution to balancing this ebb and flow of enforcement across the 3.8M Square Miles that is the USA.  New JUST scores for the 5 public BASIC’s will adjust for varying levels of enforcement.