This is my second in the series of blogs regarding last week’s publication of the Safety Fitness Determination Rule.  I have yet to decide how many posts will comprise this series, in fact, I may do this well into my retirement years as a supplement to the time I intend to spend in customer support chat rooms.

I am focused on the following clause which appears on page 8 and 9 (of 267 pages)

…Further, only preventable crashes would be used in calculating an SFD. This differs from the current SFD process which only determines the preventability of crashes to contest a motor carrier’s recordable crash rate after the SFD. As described below, crash data could trigger a failure in a BASIC during the investigative process only if a certified safety investigator makes a “preventability determination” on the crashes and the preventable crashes exceed the failure standard…

So I see this as good news, the Agency seems to be finally acknowledging the concept that motor carriers should be judged on the crashes that they have some reasonable chance of avoiding.  No longer will the insane act of driving into a truck stop and be swallowed by a sinkhole that opens up beneath you be used to calculate a score that condemns you as an unsafe motor carrier likely to have future “crashes”.

The big question that this clause gives rise to is who is a “certified safety investigator”

As many of you know, Vigillo launched a Crash Preventability Review service as a component of its JUST Score last Fall.  Check back shortly and we’ll be publishing the summary of the results of the first couple months of reviews.  Will we be “certified”?