In September, 2015, Vigillo introduced the JUST score.  JUST proposes to be the remedy to much of what ails CSA.  The first challenge we tackled was the lack of Crash Accountability in CSA.  We assembled an Uber-like network of current and retired law enforcement personnel to review Crashes submitted by our customers. Our goal was to develop a trusted, fast, efficient, low cost process for motor carriers to have an independent review of their crashes.

At the close of the 5th month, I thought I’d share some results of this very popular service.

We make two promises:

1. Our Review Board will complete reviews within 48 hours
2. Our Review Board is independent, experienced, and unbiased (we pay them no matter the outcome)

The Chart below shows (in days) how long the average review is taking to complete.  We learned a few things, knocked off some rough edges in the process, and moved our average crash review time from 72 hours in the Sept/Oct to about 48 hours in Nov/Dec, and now are firing on all cylinders with the reviews coming in just over 24 hours on average.


This second Chart shows the Outcomes by %.  We are finding that our motor carrier customers are being very thoughtful, and self critical in deciding the crashes they choose to submit.  As a result, our review board is assigning non-preventable outcomes to over 97% of the crashes reviewed.


If you have a crash or crashes that you believe to be non-preventable, give the process a try.  Show your customers, your drivers, your insurance company and your boss.  The FMCSA counts them all against you.  Let us help you Put Your Best Fleet Forward™.


Fill out the crash submission form at to get started.