With its 100 power-unit fleet based out of Jonesboro, Arkansas, MC Express submitted a total of 11 crashes for review, all of which were certified as non-preventable by our review board. It was important for MC Express to have their crashes independently reviewed and to accurately portray their commitment to safety with an updated JUST crash score. In doing so, JUST was able to successfully lower their score to 19% and bring them out of alert.

For the complete story on MC Express and their success utilizing the JUST crash review program, download the PDF.

Submit Crashes for Review


In late 2015, Vigillo introduced JUST – a parallel scoring system to CSA that solves its four fundamental defects. We began by addressing the issues associated with crash preventability by offering a service to our customers to certify non-preventable crashes and remove their associated points from their respective JUST crash score.

Via an Uber-like network of current and retired law enforcement officials with crash investigative experience, JUST is able to provide a fast, efficient and low-cost solution for our customers to have independent reviews of their crashes. Learn More

If you’re interested in certifying non-preventable crashes or learning more about the JUST program, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email at s.schwindt@vigillo.com or by phone at (503) 688-5100 x113.

Steve Schwindt