Crash Reviews via JUST parallel CSA scoring system now available to members at discounted rates

Georgia and Colorado state trucking associations become first to offer JUST crash reviews to members

WASHINGTON/PORTLAND, OREGON– Vigillo LLC, creators of the transportation industry’s most advanced big data and data mining software products, announced at the 2016 ATA Leadership Meeting that its Crash Review Program through JUST, its parallel scoring system that fixes the fundamental flaws associated with the current CSA scoring methodology, is now available to members of participating state trucking associations at a discounted rate.

“The CSA scoring system unduly penalizes carriers,” said Steve Bryan, CEO of Vigillo. “The JUST parallel scoring system provides a true picture of their compliance, safety and accountability by correcting the fundamental flaws of CSA. As more members of state trucking associations participate in our new partnerships, we expect JUST to become the accurate scoring standard the industry will rely on.”

The JUST program addresses four fundamental flaws in CSA that make it unjust and punitive: Crash Preventability, Differences in State Enforcement, Safety Event Groups, and Un(der) Inspected Carriers. JUST corrects these flaws and rescores the carrier accurately. Utilizing a network of current and former law enforcement officials to certify non-preventable crashes submitted by motor carriers, JUST provides an updated and more accurate Crash Indicator score.

Members from state associations taking part in the Vigillo partnership program will receive a 10% discount on each crash review. Vigillo will also donate a portion of the proceeds from each crash review processed through the program to Trucking Moves America Forward, the industry-wide image and education movement, or to a foundation of the state association’s choice.

The Georgia Motor Trucking Association is one of the first state associations to join the program. “We entered into this agreement because of the reputation Vigillo has developed over the years for the integrity, reliability and utility of its data products,” said Ed Crowell, president and CEO of the Georgia Motor Trucking Association. “Secondly, CSA has many flaws and is truly non-responsive to carriers, but is still seen as a standard guide for shippers, insurers and others. JUST fills a huge need for an independent crash review process so our members have a real-world context to CSA numbers.”

“We have a strategic goal as an organization to add value for our members,” Crowell added.  “One way to do that is to bring members unique products and partnerships that enhance and protect their businesses. Vigillo’s willingness to partner with us fits that goal perfectly.”

The Colorado Motor Carriers Association has also joined the Vigillo partnership. “We decided to participate in Vigillo’s JUST program because it gives our members the best information possible to showcase their true safety record,” said Patti Gillette, vice president of the Colorado Motor Carriers Association.

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