“And my tires were slashed and I almost crashed, but the Lord had mercy”

Bruce Springsteen – Rosalita

What is RoadCheck?

Every year, FMCSA and its enforcement partners conduct an intense few days of inspection activity called RoadCheck.  Each year, they focus on a safety theme and zero in on a specific Violation Category.  This year, RoadCheck was conducted between June 7-9, 2016 and the theme was Tire violations.  Vigillo just got the results, thought you might be interested.

How Many Inspections?

There were 57,404 inspections conducted during RoadCheck on June 7-9 2016 in the 50 States.  You can see in this timeline covering May and June, just how big a spike that was.  June 7-9 was a Tuesday – Thursday.  The previous week Tuesday – Thursday recorded 36,030 inspections and the week after Roadcheck fell right back into a normal pattern with 35,159 inspections. So way to go RoadCheck, it was a definite increase in activity.

Daily Inspection Count May-June - All Viol


Were Tires the Theme?

FMCSA reported in advance that the 2016 focus was to be on Tire related violations.  It looks like enforcement got the message and was in fact very focused on tires. A similar spike is observed looking at a May-June timeline.  This is only looking at inspections that resulted in at least one tire related violation. A new definition of tire spike.

Inspections WTire May-June

Where was RoadCheck focused?

Sometimes, we see inspection activity at higher levels in some states than in others.  We call those states Texas.  RoadCheck 2016 continues to show heavier enforcement activity in Texas, Much of that heightened activity takes place at the southern border crossings.

Inspections  by CountyW Tire - June 7-9

Inspections during RoadCheck by State

Inspections by StateW Tires June 7-9


What tire violations were most common?

Finally, lets have a look at what got written up.  This heat-map shows our old friend the tread depth violation as the clear winner.  A total of 5,203 tire violations were written up during RoadCheck 2016.  2,222 of those were tread depth violations, almost 43%, and 616 came from our friends in Texas.

Heat Map - Tires June7-9


All of this data comes from the latest release of data from FMCSA, and sometimes inspection data comes in late, so it could change over the next month or two, but usually not dramatically.

This kind of  analysis come from Athena, Vigillo’s big data platform.  For more information on becoming an Athena subscriber, contact Vigillo Sales at:  sales@vigillo.com

Have a safe day, and a shout out to those law enforcement folks looking out for us all every day.