OUR STORY: We arrived at work to discover that the hard drive on one of our developers machines has failed. Hard driver failure is never good; Yes, we have backups. Yes, we have a temporary replacement machine. Yes, we have onsite repair. But just like car insurance it never seems to work out as easy as it sounds to get going again.

To make a long story short we need a new hard drive and unfortunately local stores don’t have ones with the performance we need, or the preferred SSD the Developer would prefer. You see, part of what is happening here is a case of developer GAS; Gear Acquisition Syndrome – never replace something with the same thing, always get more!

Hmm, what to do? Well we could drive down to Fry’s and get one there but hey, this is Portland and all we have are bicycles. With Fry’s almost a whole mile away we think of other options…

… and then someone says “doesn’t Amazon have a one-hour delivery service now?”. Quickly we are on the Amazon Prime App and low and behold there is the drive we need, available inside the next hour. Bingo!

We order and wait with great anticipation – will this work? 25 minutes later our doorbell rings and you guessed it – our new drive arrives in all its glory and Friday doesn’t turn out to be too bad of a day after all.