The FMCSA has moved their Compass Portal platform to Amazon’s AWS server environment beginning on November 17th. Since then there has been no new inspection, violation, or crash data posted to the Portal… until now. Today, 12/1/2016, we are seeing new data with a Post Date of 11/30/2016. This data does indeed included inspection, violation and crash data that occurred in the down-period since November 17th which is great news.

When Compass Portal was migrated to Amazon the login process changed and so there needs to be an update to Vigillo’s Data Updater (VDU) program used by customers to retrieve Daily Updates. We have now released this VDU update so if you have it already installed please do the update from your current version, or download the updated version from the homepage of your Vigillo login at

We will be keeping an eye on the Compass Portal data quality and will refresh from Portal should we see any problems.