Vigillo is now providing Daily Update information from the FMCSA Compass Portal into Vigillo customer scorecards. While many DOT’s are working, unfortunately some are not yet live so if you try to log into Compass Portal you may receive a 404-Error message or simply a blank white page. We are in direct communication with the FMCSA who are working hard to address these issues. If you are a Vigillo Daily Update (VDU) customer then you need to update your VDU program which will then retrieve any new inspection, violation, or crash information as soon as it is available from Compass Portal.

In speaking with the FMCSA just yesterday (11/30/2016) we know of a number of remaining issues:

  1. The BASIC Percentile and Measure scores shown on the SMS website are correct. These are the exact same BASIC Percentile and Measure scores that Vigillo displays in scorecards
  2. The BASIC Percentiles shown on the Compass Portal homepage are not fully correct – they are actually shifted by one position so while the numbers are correct they are assigned to the wrong BASIC. This means you need to view BASIC scores on the SMS website and not Compass Portal
  3. The “Motor Carrier Inspection Information” download currently posted on the SMS website does not align with CSA Computations as displayed on the SMS website this month, as it normally does and is designed to do. If you use these downloads you should refrain from making any decisions based on the data until this issue is resolved. The FMCSA are aware of this and are working on a solution.
  4. The QC Mobile API is still not accessible. This is where batches of L&I information may be retrieved. The FMCSA are aware of this too and are working on security issues relating to this issue
  5. Finally, the MCMIS data for this month has been delayed but is now available on the regular FTP website.

At Vigillo we have been hearing about Compass Portal going away, no more daily updates and so on. The FMCSA assures us that this is not the case, they are working hard to retain features and all systems will be restored. Now that the FMCSA are hosted on Amazon they expect to see scalability, new features and improvements to be more easily implemented in future.