We don’t have great news this Monday morning regarding the FMCSA Compass Portal as it appears to have taken a step backwards over the weekend where  we saw intermittent behavior and were forced to stop gathering your daily  inspection, violation and crash data. Today on Monday Dec 5th, problems continue such that when we log into Compass Portal we receive the following message (you will see similar behavior although problems are changing constantly):

“The USDOT #nnnnnn you entered could not be found, Please check the entered information”

This occurs for all DOT’s. Just this morning the FMCSA posted the following message:

The MCMIS system is down and will remain down possibly all day December 5th 2016.

Note that Vigillo’s servers have remained online and accessible during all of these problems and unless you have the Vigillo Daily Update feature you will see no problems as your data is updated monthly and Vigillo already has all of that data as shown in your scorecards.

If you have the Daily Update feature then you will be using the Vigillo Data Updater (VDU) program. We disabled VDU last night (Sunday Dec 4th) because of Compass Portal problems and we will automatically turn it back on when the FMCSA becomes available again.

This month’s SMS Monthly update is later in the month on the “Week of December 12th” so hopefully these problems will be addressed by then.

We will keep you updated throughout the day and we will automatically turn your Daily Update data back on once it becomes available again from the FMCSA.