Today we have some good news about the L&I API:

QC Mobile L&I API

This API is the main and only way to bulk or programmatically retrieve L&I information from the FMCSA. Many DOT’s and software companies use this API to populate L&I information. Unfortunately this API has been unavailable since the FMCSA’s move to Amazon’s servers (called AWS) since November 16th 2016:

GOOD NEWS: This API is back working today 12/16

We don’t know how reliable it will be but here at Vigillo we have turned our access back on and L&I information is now flowing into our Carrier Select program once more.

We will keep you updated on this.

FMCSA Compass Portal Access

While many DOT’s now have access to their FMCSA Portal account we have significant reports of accounts still locked out, accounts are “stuck in a loop”.  We know from discussions with the FMCSA that they are highly aware of this and are working on it as a priority.

Vigillo’s Inspection Management System compares FMCSA inspections with company provided inspections. Normally these match up to a high degree. However, we are recently seeing higher rates of mismatch. This appears to indicate that the inspection, violations and crash data in FMCSA Portal may not be complete. We will continue to investigate this and keep you updated.

SMS Monthly Update

The SMS snapshot date is November 25, 2016 but there isn’t any inspection/violation or crash data later than November 16th currently in SMS. We have investigated this and preliminary results show that the FMCSA appear to have used only this data to compute this month’s BASIC Percentile scores. We should have a complete answer on this  very soon and will keep you updated.

As previously mentioned  the FMCSA has added 10 new Acute/Critical violations this month.