Happy Friday!

More positive FMCSA news today in that we can successfully access most DOT’s inspections, violations and crashes from the FMCSA Compass Portal now on a daily basis and provide this information in Vigillo’s scorecards

The most recent Post Date is Thursday 12/8/2016 which is the most up the date information available which is good

We still have a few DOT’s with no access and we are working on those. If you have problems accessing the FMCSA Compass Portal, try Chat with them here (this is usually responsive):

  • https://ask.fmcsa.dot.gov/app/chat/chat_launch

If you are running Vigillo’s VDU, and you most likely are if you have the Vigillo Daily Update feature, there are a few customers who still need to upgrade to the new version released on 12/1/2016. We will be contacting you about this but please go ahead and update if you can (there should be pop-up that appears on your screen asking to update)

The BASIC Percentile scores on the Compass Portal home are still incorrect (they are shifted) so look to SMS for the correct scores:

  • https://ai.fmcsa.dot.gov/SMS

The QC Mobile API used to gather L&I information is still down.