Good news today; FMCSA Compass Portal is back online!

We successfully retrieved customer Daily Update information beginning last night and through this morning from Compass Portal.

If you are a Vigillo Daily Update customer then Vigillo will download Compass Portal inspection, violation and crash data automatically on your behalf and display it in your scorecards

If you are a Vigillo Daily Update customer then you are running the Vigillo Daily Updater (VDU) program. Many of you have updated this program to address recent changes on Compass Portal and we see your data flow in. If you have already done the update (since 12/1/2016) then you are all good, otherwise you will need to update your copy of VDU. It should pop up on your screen asking you to update so go ahead and do that. Our support team are contacting our customers about this.

In the meantime we will continue to monitor Compass Portal and keep you updated on it’s health.