We are have been watching FMCSA Portal overnight and have been in contact with the FMCSA today: The latest news we have is:

  1. While we do have access to many DOT’s daily inspections, violations and crashes, we do see Portal login problems. We have heard from the FMCSA today that Portal access is still “hit and miss”.
  2. We see Post Dates bunched on Dec 2nd (Friday) and Dec 5th (Monday) as Portal was “frozen” over the weekend and is now catching up. We do expect data to be fully restored but it is coming back in batches at a time.
  3. We have reports of Vigillo customers who cannot log into FMCSA Compass Portal because of errors who call the FMCSA to report this but the FMCSA responds that there are no problems. There are indeed login problems and we have reported these to the FMCSA who are working on it.
  4. The BASIC Percentile scores on the Compass Portal home are still incorrect (they are shifted).
  5. The main Safer website at http://safer.fmcsa.dot.gov/ is intermittent at the moment.
  6. The QC Mobile API used to gather L&I information is still down.

We will keep you updated as we discover more. The main thing for Daily Update customers is to update your version of the VDU program if you have not done so since 12/1/2016 as it will then keep your Vigillo Scorecards current with FMCSA progress in restoring your data.