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Happy Friday everybody,

It seems to be pretty rock solid now that the CSA Reform Report, 18 months in the making, will be released to the press on Monday, and the Public on Tuesday, June 27.

I’ll be reading the report as soon as I can get a hold of it, I have a team at Vigillo ready to dive into it, and we’ll be issuing comments by Wednesday, perhaps sooner.  Watch this blog for those comments.  Where possible, we’ll be running the numbers in addition to issuing opinions.

I posted a status report last December HERE and outlined the 8 items that the FAST Act cited as areas that need review.  Those 8 areas of reform are:

Reform Requirements

1. The accuracy with which the BASIC’s identify high risk carriers and predict or are correlated with future crash risk, crash severity, or other safety indicators for motor carriers. (Safety Event Groups)

2. The accuracy of safety data, including the use of crash data from crashes in which a motor carrier was free from fault. (Crash Accountability)

3. Whether BASIC percentiles for carriers of passengers should be calculated separately from motor carriers of freight. (Freight vs Passenger systems)

4. The differences in the rates at which violations are reported to the FMCSA by various enforcement authorities, including States, territories, and Federal inspectors (State Difference)

5. How members of the public use the SMS and what effect making the SMS information public has had on reducing crashes

6. Whether the SMS provides comparable precision and confidence, through SMS alerts and percentiles, for the relative crash risk of individual large and small motor carriers;  (Small Carriers largely unscored)

7. Whether alternatives to the SMS would identify high risk carriers more accurately

8. FMCSA has fully implemented or satisfactorily addressed the issues raised in the report titled ‘‘Modifying the Compliance, Safety, Accountability Program Would Improve the Ability to Identify High Risk Carriers’’ of the GAO dated February 2014.

As I conduct my review, these are the areas I’ll be looking for action.

Have a good weekend, I’ll talk to you all early next week