Hello everyone, Our biggest annual event is upon us.  The American Trucking Assn’s Management Conference and Exhibition (MCE) starts tomorrow in Orlando, FL.  On Sunday morning, I will be participating in a panel discussion of the changes to CSA that have been suggested by the National Academies in the CSA Reform study they completed in June.

One of the recommendations made is to implement a new statistical model into CSA called Item Response Theory (IRT).  In my session Sunday morning at MC&E at 9:45 AM in room W305AB (shameless plug, please attend if you’re here), I will be using the results of a silly surey to explain fundamentally how IRT works.  I could use your help, I need some data.  Please click the survey link below and answer the 10 survey questions.  Make up a nickname, its totally anonymous.  I’ll use the aggregate responses, along with some specific right/wrong responses and show how IRT analyzes things like survey questions and map that to how IRT might do a better job of analyzing vioilation data in CSA.


Appreciate your help, see you Sunday morning in Orlando.