“Vigillo’s Carrier Select is right on point. It is a superior tool that will supplement any motor carrier or logistics organization in their quest to ensure their purchased carriers are in compliance.”

- Gerald Krisa, Vice President of Safety, R&L Carriers Inc.

“We found three roadsides yesterday with the help of your Inspection Manager and wanted to share with you that we already have one which has successfully been corrected!”

- Deborah Raymond, Safety Director, West Motor Freight


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Why choose Vigillo?

Vigillo’s tagline—Wisdom Deployed™ is the core of what the company does. Vigillo does not sell “scorecards” to its customers. Vigillo’s scorecards are the delivery vehicle for deploying wisdom to industry stakeholders when it comes to safety and CSA. This vision of deploying wisdom is what sets Vigillo apart from the competition and keeps the industry coming back to Vigillo for its expertise and insight as to the impact of the most significant regulatory changes to the trucking industry since deregulation.

Can’t I get what I need from the FMCSA web site?

Simply put, no. Vigillo was the first in the industry to begin delivering CSA analytics in 2009. Since that time we have developed over two dozen additional scorecards and stand-alone products that provide unparalleled insight into not only CSA scores, but solutions that help carriers reduce their scores and communicate critical information throughout the organization.

What does it take to get started?

If you can receive and send an email, then you can get started just that quick. The Vigillo support team will send you an email requesting two simple pieces of information. Once you reply back to support you’re done. It’s that easy! Vigillo does all the work. In just a few days you'll have your customized, secure web site where you and your team can log in and begin view your CSA data in a manner that’s easy to use, easy to understand, and will immediately show you what to focus on and why.

Isn’t Vigillo just for large carriers?

Not at all. Vigillo serves 2000 carriers in the U.S. and Canada, each with their own unique challenges. Vigillo customers range in driver count from 2 to 60,000, and all sizes in between. In fact, because of the depth and breadth of critical information we provide, many of our smaller carriers view Vigillo as valued member of their safety team – but at a fraction of the cost of hiring a person to do the same job.

Will my data be secure?

Absolutely. Vigillo is the trusted provider of safe and secure CSA analytics to 2000 carriers in the U.S. and Canada. Vigillo customers include some of the Transport Topics top 100 for-hire carriers as well as dozens of private fleets that represent the over-the-road presence for Fortune 500 companies. For the technophiles out there: Vigillo utilizes Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology that protects your customer data using both server authentication and data encryption. These technologies help ensure that your customer data is safe, secure, and only available to you and those to whom you have granted access. Vigillo also implements an advanced security method based on dynamic data and encoded session identifications. Complete Privacy and Terms of Use documents and available from any Vigillo representative.

My CSA scores are OK, why do I need Vigillo?

If you pay attention to CSA then you know it’s a constantly moving target. The FMCSA is constantly reviewing industry feedback in order to make improvements to CSA. These improvements require changes to the CSA methodology, which impact your CSA scores. Carriers rely on Vigillo to keep abreast of changes to the methodology and seamlessly integrate those changes into their scorecards – all in a timely manner and at no additional cost.

How do you pronounce “Vigillo”?

We get this all the time. It's probably the most frequently asked question. It’s actually quite simple: Vigillo is a variation of the Latin word for “vigilant. ” So instead of vig·i·lant, it's vig·i·llo.

Vigilant · adjective
1. keenly watchful to detect danger; wary: a vigilant sentry.
2. ever awake and alert; sleeplessly watchful.

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