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Vigillo, a SambaSafety Company, leads the trucking industry in analyzing fleet safety data to provide insights that impact safety performance. Combining Vigillo’s CSA Daylight Suite, the industry’s most robust CSA diagnostic and management tool, with SambaSafety’s innovative Driver Risk Management (DRM) services, Vigillo offers the most comprehensive driver Motor Vehicle Record and CSA data monitoring solution. These combined capabilities provide customers with the ability to manage and track driver performance, mitigate high risk driver behavior and address driver safety through the entire employment lifecycle. Based in Portland, Oregon, Vigillo was founded in 2007.

Location: 630 N.W. 10th Ave., Portland, OR 97209


Founded: 2007
CSA Scorecards Released: October 2009
ATA Endorsement of CSA Scorecards: February 2010
Daylight Driver Index Released: July 2012
ATA Endorsement of Daylight Driver Index: September 2012
Acquired by SambaSafety: February 2017


Steve Bryan, President

A veteran technology leader, Steve is the Founder and President of Vigillo, a SambaSafety company. Founded in 2007 Vigillo employs a team of data scientists and software engineers specializing in the Big Data that flows from hundreds of sources within the commercial transportation and logistics industry.

Steve and his assembled team bring over 200 years’ experience in the areas of statistics, software development, risk management, and compliance. Steve has combined his legal and business experience to lead five previous software start-ups and emerging companies to success. He has also worked as a District Manager for Dow Jones & Co., and served for six years in the U.S. Army (Maintenance Sergeant). Steve holds an M.B.A./J.D. and received a B.S. in Economics from Willamette University.

Steve lives in Portland, OR with his wife of 25 years where they divide their time between their 5 children, and planning the next Springsteen road trip.

Peter Rowe, Chief Technology Officer

Peter Rowe leads Vigillo’s ace technical team. Educated at the University of Limerick in Ireland, he has spent his 30-year career in the U.S. high-tech industry. He enjoys photography and motorcycling. Peter’s motto is to “keep it simple” and he believes Occam’s Razor describes everything.


CSA SCORECARDS – October 2009
Enables motor carriers to make informed decisions to reduce their CSA scores. Vigillo’s scorecards provide invaluable insight into a fleet’s performance, allowing carriers to drill down, compare and assess information to make the wisest decisions about their fleet’s safety.





DAILY UPDATES – September 2010
A powerful data retrieval agent that runs in the background, automatically checking for all inspections, violations and crash data and feeding that information into your scorecards. It effortlessly puts all of a carrier’s most current data at their fingertips daily, preventing month-end surprises.





An innovative tool that allows carriers to upload a master driver list, define custom groupings and remove inactive drivers from scorecards. This gives managers ownership of their active drivers and identifies issues by location, providing carriers with the complete picture and helping them stay ahead of issues.





Allows carriers to compare, correct and track inspection data. Missing and erroneous data on inspections, violations, drivers and vehicles is highlighted and available for immediate correction in all Vigillo Scorecard Reports and for optional submission to FMCSA’s DataQ’s system.





Brings carriers a powerful cloud-based application for tracking DOT reportable and non-reportable crashes and tow-aways in a single place. The Crash Manager includes driver and vehicle status tracking, automatic submission of errors to DataQs and robust reports and data exports designed for internal and external reporting.





This upgrade to the CSA Scorecards uses the deep analytical power of the Scorecard, coupled with an understanding of the FMCSA’s selection criteria, to pre-identify the specific Crashes, Drivers and Vehicles categories designated by the FMCSA as a priority during an Intervention.





A custom product from the IQLab®. Vigillo’s CSA experts create a subset of a carrier’s active drivers and produce CSA Carrier Scorecards as if that subset of drivers were their own operating authority, enabling carriers to show their current compliance and true safety rating.





offered through IQLab®, gives carriers unmatched insight into what is driving their ISS and CSA scores and exactly how many points they need to eliminate over a period of time.





PSP CONVERTER – August 2011
Takes raw PSP data and instantly converts it into useable CSA scores. Carriers can process batches of PSP reports and rank all drivers in that batch using CSA points. PSP Converter takes just seconds to run a comparative analysis on all driver candidates using CSA as the benchmark.





Vigillo’s AFFILIATE Membership – March 2010
This program allows U.S. motor carriers to provide driver-specific CSA scorecards through Roadside Resume as a no-cost benefit to their drivers. The FMCSA does not release driver CSA scores and no other company has made this offer to drivers. Roadside Resume is intended to be a benefit that carriers can make available to its give access to this critical driver safety information.





CARRIER SELECT – August 2011
Safety Professionals can tap into critical database sources to give real-time visibility into the ever-changing landscape of motor carrier overall safety and risk profile. No other product provides up-to-the-minute information, user- and community-configurable rules and tags, and social infrastructure at such a low cost.





ROADSIDE RESUME – February 2011
Delivers driver CSA scores at no cost to all commercial drivers. Vigillo believes that if a system is going to exist that scores people on their performance, those scores should be available to the people subject to the system—not just law enforcement.





JUST – November 2015

Preventable or non-preventable, no longer a question. Vigillo’s JUST parallel scoring system corrects four of the fundamental flaws of CSA and re-scores the Carrier:





enterprise-productENTERPRISE – February 2017

Vigillo Enterprise is a user platform that provides a single access point for all of your Vigillo products. Our mission is to provide the most informative and actionable data visualization tools so that you can make use of the disparate and complex data that surrounds your day-to-day operations.



Roadside-Resume-productROADSIDE RESUME PHASE 2 – May 2017

Providing a single commercial driver profile displaying CSA scores, MVR citations, actions, endorsements, medical certificates, telematics, HOS, VMT, training progress and more—Roadside Resume is your comprehensive view of a commercial driver’s compliance, risk, and safety profile.



IQLab® In response to requests from customers and partners, Vigillo has created IQLab® to provide a wide array of custom reports, specific data analysis and research initiatives. 


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