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6 New CSA Violations Added!

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The FMCSA has released an updated version of CSA’s rules – the Safety Measurement System.  A summary of these changes is below:   CSMS Methodology Changes from Version 3.0.1 to 3.0.2 (Implemented June 2014) Several new violations were added to the roadside inspection collection software on April 1, 2014. As of the May 2014 snapshot, […]

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FREE Webinar: Big Data Demystified!

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Big Data Demystified: Everyone has piles of data. How can you utilize yours to increase profitability and efficiency? ———————————————————————————————————- Date: Wednesday, May 14 Time: 11am Eastern / 10 am Central / 9am Mountain / 8am Pacific Cost: FREE Learn More / Register: HERE  Webinar Description: Big Data is all the rage these days. Everybody’s talking […]

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CSA Moving Closer to Safety Fitness Determination

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CSA has been live for our nation’s motor carriers since December 2010.  However, it has never been used to directly affect the highest level safety status of a motor carrier – the Safety Fitness Determination.  Currently a motor carrier is classified by the FMCSA as Satisfactory, Conditional, or Unsatisfactory.  These ratings have never been directly […]

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Webinar: CSA State of The Union (Slides & Video)

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UPDATE: Slides & Video Recording now available! Complimentary Webinar: CSA State of the Union, Q1 2014 Tuesday, March 18, 2014 Vigillo’s CEO and Founder, Steve Bryan, reviews the current state of the CSA program and what to expect in the future. Bryan will review several critical defects that need to be addressed if the industry […]

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Webinar: Introducing Athena™ – Tell Your Story

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Join Vigillo’s CEO and Founder, Steve Bryan, for a free webinar: Introducing Athena™ – A Revolutionary New Way to Tell Your Story WEBINAR DESCRIPTION:  Vigillo Introduces Athena™. Fall in love with what big data can do for you and your company. Join Vigillo CEO and Founder Steve Bryan for a complimentary 45-minute webinar exploring Athena™ […]

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Drivers Still Misunderstand CSA

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More than three years into CSA, truck drivers are still not fully understanding key components of the FMCSA’s safety initiative, according to a new report issued by ATRI, the American Trucking Research Institute.  In fact, of 7,800 truck drivers who took a test covering knowledge of the federal Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA) program, only 42.2% […]

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Do You Suffer From Commercial Trucking Disease (CTD)?

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Are drivers, managers, and and others in the transportation industry making their jobs risker than they need to be?  That is the interesting question posed in a thought-provoking article recently posted on the Commercial Carrier Journal website in the CCJ Blog called “Commercial Trucking Disease: Symptoms and Treatment” by Kevin Jones. Jones found his inspiration […]

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CSA May Automatically Reflect Driver Citation Challenges

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One of the longstanding issues with CSA may become a thing of the past.  Specifically, the FMCSA has not previously relied upon the outcome of a driver’s successful challenge to a citation connected with a roadside inspection to change the underlying violation, for CSA purposed.  The FMCSA is now proposing that these adjudicated and overturned […]

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Making Scorecards Work

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What are the the best practices for using scorecards to enhance communication and coaching with drivers?  A great article by Deborah Lockridge on this topic was posted to – the website for Heavy Duty Trucking magazine.  Lockridge focuses on five key factors for effective scorecard use that resulted from a panelists at the Fleet […]

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WEBINAR: 2nd Session: “We’re Not In Kansas Any More.”

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UPDATE: Additional webinar session now available. Tues, Sept 17 2pm Eastern. Webinar Description: Vigillo’s IQLab has just put the finishing touches on an in-depth study on state by state, and for the first time, county by county analysis of Inspections Violations and Crashes in the US.  This study is now available for purchase. Register for this […]

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