ATA Endorses Athena

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ATA Endorses Vigillo’s Athena Link to Article in Transport Topics Vigillo is proud to share this breaking news with you as Athena turns one month old.  We’re extending our partnership with ATA to tackle the data deluge challenge facing the trucking industry. This endorsement comes at a perfect time, we’re here in Cincinnati with over […]

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19,000 Miles of US Interstate Highway System to shut down this month!

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You know, the fun thing about being me is that I get to make outrageous statements that are utterly improbable but which I back up with facts that are indisputable.  That’s what makes me different from the FMCSA, who makes utterly improbable statements … The following appears in the IG Report just issued last week.  […]

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Webinar: CSA State of The Union (Slides & Video)

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UPDATE: Slides & Video Recording now available! Complimentary Webinar: CSA State of the Union, Q1 2014 Tuesday, March 18, 2014 Vigillo’s CEO and Founder, Steve Bryan, reviews the current state of the CSA program and what to expect in the future. Bryan will review several critical defects that need to be addressed if the industry […]

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CSA 2014 State of the Union

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Steven Bryan Portland, OR February 3, 2014: UPDATED 8/10/14: Another Update, ASCETT Lawsuit dismissed in June. Today (June 17, 2014), a 3-judge panel of the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit issued its decision in Alliance for Safe, Efficient and Competitive Truck Transportation, et al. v. FMCSA, et al. (D.C. Cir. […]

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Vigillo Announces the DataQs Success Report

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New tool identifies which DataQs challenges are likely to be successfully removed from a carrier’s CSA record  PORTLAND, Ore. – February 06, 2014 – Vigillo LLC, creators of data mining software products designed to aggregate, organize and deliver complex fleet safety information in an easy-to-read scorecard format, today announced the DataQs Success Report. The new […]

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Webinar: Introducing Athena™ – Tell Your Story

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Join Vigillo’s CEO and Founder, Steve Bryan, for a free webinar: Introducing Athena™ – A Revolutionary New Way to Tell Your Story WEBINAR DESCRIPTION:  Vigillo Introduces Athena™. Fall in love with what big data can do for you and your company. Join Vigillo CEO and Founder Steve Bryan for a complimentary 45-minute webinar exploring Athena™ […]

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84 Pages of Wallpaper

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The FMCSA just released another in a series of reports from the good people at the Volpe Center.  The report is chock full of data, graphs, charts, footnotes and formulas.  The report, to its credit, also includes independent peer review comments at the end.  These peer review comments, conveniently, do not appear in the table […]

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GAO Report: Opportunity Missed

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I read the GAO Report to congress this morning and I can report that my expectations were met.  The image that popped into my head as I was perusing the report was that of the toothless abominable snowman in the animated Christmas classic, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.  While extensive, I just don’t see any real […]

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Drivers Still Misunderstand CSA

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More than three years into CSA, truck drivers are still not fully understanding key components of the FMCSA’s safety initiative, according to a new report issued by ATRI, the American Trucking Research Institute.  In fact, of 7,800 truck drivers who took a test covering knowledge of the federal Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA) program, only 42.2% […]

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