Private Fleets Measure Up Well Under CSA

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In preparation for a CSA panel at the upcoming NPTC Safety Meeting, I ran some CSA comparisons of private fleets vs the industry as a whole.  Very interesting.  It appears that private fleets measure up pretty well when compared to the industry of all carriers (private and for-hire). Private fleets are, on average, lower in […]

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The New Speeding Rules

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The rules for speeding have been overhauled under the new August CSA 2010 Methodology, version 2.0. Speeding was one of the hottest topics for questions from our recent CSA Rebuilt Webinar. Here are the key changes, questions and answers on speeding: Four New Speeding Violations: The FMCSA has added 4 brand new speeding violations, that […]

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CSA: It’s a journey, not a destination

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We’ve written extensively over the last week or so about the recent changes to the CSA (2010) methodology.  At a high level, the reaction from our customers has generally been positive.  The total number of interventions within our customer base of 1700 fleets has gone from 2,290 down to 1,420 – not an insignificant decrease.  […]

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Interventions decline, change focus

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The new methodology published this past week brought many many changes.  One of the more dramatic changes that Vigillo customers are seeing is the decline in the likelihood of an intervention.  Under the previous methodology, 69% of Vigillo customers were over the intervention threshold on at least one BASIC.  The new methodology reduces the percentage […]

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CSA Rebuilt Webinars attended by hundreds…

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What a week! Vigillo held four separate CSA Rebuilt webinars this week.  We had hundreds of attendees and the response has been fantastic.  It seems everyone is hungry for information on the massive changes released by the FMCSA in the new methodology.  We were also lucky to have Boyd Stephenson, Manager, Safety & Security Operations […]

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Lose Weight Now – Ask Me How!

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Size and weight.  Sigh.  You have to feel sorry for poor Kirstie Alley.  The gal’s a talented actress but can’t seem to lose the weight and keep it off.   Sure, other famous people have a similar problem but it sure seems she’s the one on the tabloid cover at the checkout stand.  When’s the last […]

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Maintenance moves into the CSA spotlight

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I’ve recently been asked to explain why Maintenance shops should care about CSA.  “Its about drivers right, so what does it have to do with me?” (a mechanic) Last week, my answer would have been something like this:  Well, with the Maintenance BASIC accounting for 10% of all carrier interventions, it’s clear that maintenance will […]

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