The Industry's First CSA Mobile App

CSA Daylight® Mobile App

Exclusive for Vigillo Scorecard subscribers—the CSA Daylight® mobile app is automatically included in your monthly subscription. Providing a cutting-edge solution that presents critical data in such a way that you can quickly and clearly understand your most critical safety and compliance issues—whenever you want, wherever you are. Now that changes everything…Go mobile today!

The CSA Daylight® mobile app offers:

  • Carrier CSA Scorecard – including percentile rank and trending
  • Top Violations Scorecard – ranks and trends the contributors to a Carrier’s CSA scores
  • Driver Scorecard – ranks and trends drivers by CSA points contributed or and DDI (Daylight Driver Index) score
  • Driver Search – Find any driver in your fleet quickly to review CSA impact instantly
  • Driver Scorecard Drill-Down – reveals driver violations, crash detail and DDI score
  • Live mobile connection to the Vigillo blog – the most active CSA related blog in the industry

To access your Vigillo CSA Daylight® mobile app simply browse to the following link on your smartphone: OR Email the link to your mobile.

iPhone: For quick mobile access save the icon to your iPhone. Follow these easy steps:

  1. With your iPhone follow this link: Get Your App
  2. Select “Add to Home Screen”
  3. On the next screen tap “Add”
  4. The icon will appear on your iPhone home screen

Android: Please consult your manual on how to save a bookmark to your Android device.

Not a subscriber? Not a problem. Get the app and see a sample account in action.


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