Eliminate the Yellow Alert from CSA!

CSA Points Reduction Analysis

Vigillo’s CSA monitoring system tracks over 750,000 carriers. Our team of experts has developed a profile of carriers whose CSA scores can quickly be lowered when they gain access to the wisdom behind their data.
Vigillo’s IQLab® experts will review your publicly available data, present a report to you and provide up to an hour of telephone consulting. Understand exactly which violations are causing your CSA pain and implement a targeted plan to reduce your scores where they are over the FMCSA intervention threshold. Our experts guide you to a clear plan to reduce your points and eliminate the yellow alert:
  • Review of your publicly available data
  • A custom report and phone consultation
  • Unmatched insight into what is driving ISS and CSA scores
  • Understanding of exactly which violations are causing your pain
  • A targeted plan to reduce scores that are over the FMCSA intervention threshold
  • Exactly how many points you must eliminate over a determined period of time

Offered through our IQLab to all motor carriers. The Points Reduction Analysis Report is offered through a no obligation one-time consulting fee. Start lowering your scores by ordering your report today.

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